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Since 2009, we have transformed our students' fail grades to b's and A's at the national exams

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  • 37,000 qualified and experienced tuition teachers
  • Over 35% of our tutors have PhD’s, Master’s, or are NIE-trained current/ex-MOE teachers
  • 85% of our tutors are graduates or undergraduates from Singapore’s best publicly-funded universities (NUS, NTU, SMU, SUTD, SUSS and SIT)
  • Over 96% of tutors who apply to join the Learn Fast team have at least a Bachelor’s – or are about to achieve one – from the top local universities or the best universities globally (Oxford, Cambridge, Ivy League)
  • All of our tutors scored A’s in the subjects that they are teaching
  • Our tutors have between 2 to over 30 years of home tuition experience
  • All of the tutors whose profiles we show you have strong proven records of rapidly boosting their students’ grades
  • Non-performing tutors are not included in our database

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The majority of tutors in Singapore currently prefer to conduct online lessons. Thus, if you are OK with lessons being held online, it is likely that there will be more experienced tutors who apply for your assignment.
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How to choose a good tuition agency

Good tutors want to be represented by a reputable tuition agency

The size of the tutoring team is very important. The larger the team, the better the chances that the tuition coordinator can find the best tutor whose experience and qualifications suit your requirements. You should choose agencies that have a minimum of 20,000 home tuition teachers in their database.

At least 30% of a credible tuition agency should consist of tutors who have PhD’s, Master’s or are NIE-trained MOE current/ex teachers. The better tuition teachers want to join only the best tuition agencies. They know that dependable tutor agencies have more clients, and numerous good assignments for them to choose from every day.

Many of our parents/students avoid agencies that have more than 20% of their tutors whose highest academic qualifications are polytechnic diploma’s or junior college certificates. The market rate of hourly fees charged by experienced university undergraduates is $30/hr, and the rates tutors who had stopped studying at JC or polytechnic levels is $20/hr to $25/hr. 

How would you be able to know if a tuition agency’s database comprises mainly of lower-qualified tutors? Their websites will always emphasize “affordable tuition rates” as their main or only attraction. Given that the difference in monthly rates between a polytechnic graduate and a university graduate is only about $30 – and in most cases, are at the same rates or sometimes even lower than group tuition – “affordable tuition rates” shows up in websites whenever a tuition agency does not have tutors whose other clients are already paying them higher rates.

Parents would pay rates that they feel are fair and appropriate, according to the tutor’s track record, academic qualifications, and number of years of experience. Tutors accept an assignment based on hourly rates, the grade target/current level of skills of the student, and the availability of slots in their teaching schedules.

University undergraduates or graduated tutors tend to have easily scored comfortable A’s in the subjects that they teach, and most parents would of course prefer that their children are taught the correct content, as well as skills in answering difficult questions. If the tutor was not able to score A in say Physics, can he/she help you score an A?

Good tuition agencies require that their tutors have at least 2 years of tutoring experience before including their details into the tuition agency database. This is to ensure that the tutor has the requisite commitment to being a good tutor, as well as the relevant experience and track record of improving their students’ grades, and are not experimenting with your child’s academic future.

Be wary of tuition agencies that promise to show you profiles “immediately”. If a tuition agency has a large pool of eligible and qualified tutors to reach out to for your assignment, it takes time for good tuition teachers to respond. Agencies that get back to you “immediately” with tutor profiles are either not thorough, or worse, have only a very small tutor database. Good home tutors might not respond immediately when they receive tuition assignment messages – because they are very likely to be busy teaching during that time and are not desperately and idly sitting around hoping for messages to arrive. Tuition teachers typically apply for assignments between 4 to 18 hours after they have received the assignment message. If a tutor waits too long, it might indicate that the tutor is not keen to take on more assignments at that hourly rate, or worse, has time management/punctuality issues. A good timeframe for a dependable tuition agency to get back to you with profiles of responsible tuition teachers should be 1 to 2 working days after you have given them the description of what you are expecting of your tutor. 

Trustworthy tuition agencies hire university graduates as their tuition coordinators because graduated coordinators can properly understand the academic and learning needs of tuition students. There is no difference in the hourly rate that you pay to your home tutor, so you might as well get the best value for money and professional service when you are looking for a good home tuition agency.

Tuition coordinators who are university graduates will be able to ask the assignment applicants the right questions in order to assess if he or she is truly able to teach according to your requirements – even if the tutor claims to have 8 to 10 years of tuition experience. Because at least 70% of each age cohort has at least a Bachelor’s degree, it will be easy to find tuition agencies that hire only university graduates as their tuition coordinators.  How would you know if the coordinator is likely to have at least a Bachelor’s? His or her English grammar and vocabulary, when you call or Whatsapp the agency.

Look at the tuition agency’s Facebook posts. The passion that the tuition coordinators and management have for the MOE subjects clearly shows if the agency is really qualified to help you find suitable tutors. If the tuition agency cannot be bothered to post the latest content and interesting developments that engage their discerning tutors, parents and students, would this tutor agency genuinely have enough outstanding tuition teachers? 

The way that the tuition agency prepares the tutor profiles indicates the quality of the tutor. Parents tell us that “testimonials” that are featured on websites of some tuition agencies are dodgy – who knows if these are real or made-up, even when there are “screenshots of comments by parents/students”? When you read the tutor profiles that tuition agencies send to you, the tuition teachers who are truly successful would be able to clearly elaborate on their teaching achievements, the schools and university that they and their students attended, and MOST importantly, the type of grade improvements they helped their students achieve. If a tutor does not describe all this important information well, then their teaching method might be blunt, cold, and might not tailor the teaching to suit your learning style. And this tutor probably has limited abilities to help your grades improve.

give your grades a makeover - hire best tuition teachers

you are scoring low c's or high b's, and want a strong a

You will lose valuable marks when you simply just memorize formulas and content, but do not REALLY know when and how to use or apply them.

Carelessness and nervousness also cause students to lose marks.

Some tuition teachers are lazy, and they would take up the entire 1.5 or 2 hours with their students by making them practice on workbooks again and again.

Or worse still, they make you memorize “model” answers in the hope of being able to “guess” or “predict” the topics and questions that will be tested.

These methods are dangerous. 

Imagine how terrified you will feel when you find that most of the actual questions in your school or national exam are not the ones that your tutor and you “spotted”.

If you do not know why and what are the exact mistakes that you are making, you are training yourself to keep repeating the bad habits of using the wrong content and answering methods.

When you start to get used to these very unacceptable routines, you will have more difficulty in nurturing your capacity to logically and calmly analyze what the exam question wants you to do.

Any effective tuition teacher who had himself/herself scored an A for that subject (and who has extensive tutoring experience) would know that the current MOE syllabus arranges all the topics within the curriculum in an integrated way, to test the student’s ability to apply the fundamental and advanced knowledge that was learnt.

Professional and experienced tuition teachers from Learn Fast will help you connect the concepts across topics, which is a very important skill that you absolutely need to have, in order to get your A.

hire a winner

It is very easy for parents to find tuition teachers who are university graduates or undergraduates – because there are already so many of them now, in Singapore.

Every year, there are over 40,000 Singaporean students (Year 1 to Year 4, Master’s, PhD etc) studying at the NUS campus alone.

At least 40% of each cohort of people born in the same year are accepted into the government-funded universities (NUS, NTU, SMU, SUSS, SIT and SUTD).

Another 20% to 30% of this same cohort would have graduated from university-level programmes offered by private institutions, after they completed their polytechnic or junior college studies.

This means that 70% of every cohort of people born in a certain year would have at least a Bachelor’s degree.

Over 96% of tutors who apply to join the Learn Fast team have at least a Bachelor’s – or are about to achieve one – from the top local universities or the best universities globally (Oxford, Cambridge, Ivy League).

Our agency selects only experienced undergraduate or graduated tutors who are patient, committed, and who are professional tuition teachers. 

Most of all, they MUST have a proven track record of delivering improvements of 10 to 30 marks for their recent students, before we include them in our database and tutoring team.

This way, our clients know that they are hiring winners who can quickly help their children’s grades improve dramatically within 1 to 2 semesters.

The latest Moe syllabus does not reward STUDENTS WHO BLINDLY MEMORIZE

You can score much higher marks once you can successfully answer exam questions that require you to analyze and connect concepts across 2 or more topics.

A textbook is only as good as the teacher who uses it.

The textbook is designed as the main source of information.

However, we all know that national exams often ask questions that are not found in the textbook.

Students from average mainstream schools wrongly assume that learning is simply just a collection of facts and figures. And that their textbook has all the answers to all the questions that appear in exams.

Weaker students tend to see learning as an accumulation of “correct answers”. They would therefore think that plainly memorizing these “correct answers” will help them to pass or achieve a B3.

It is very risky for you to look at crucial content from only one perspective, or to focus purely on the content that is recommended in the textbook.

Students in the good schools never rely on only one source of information because they know that the exam questions expect them to be able to connect SEVERAL related or seemingly-unrelated concepts in order to arrive at the acceptable answer for challenging and tricky exam questions. 

The main reason for scoring low grades IS: "I can't understand the content"

Different students have different starting points.

Something that may be easy for one student (or one of your children) may not be so easy for someone else.

Everyone learns differently, whether it be faster or slower than normal. Some of us learn better by writing, reading or discussing. 

Catch up now, before you continue lagging behind even further, during the remainder of the academic year.

Right now is the perfect time for you to close up your learning gaps in that difficult chapter.

If these gaps aren’t addressed before the next chapter starts,
these learning gaps will only WIDEN, and you will find it much harder to catch up to your peers. Your grades will suffer, and you will hate that subject. While your classmates are able to go on to score an A.

Studying is easier when you are taught proven methods to learn what is difficult to you.

Learn Fast has the expertise to help you to do very well. 

We will teach you how to focus on processes and techniques that produce higher marks, instead of requiring you to memorize and write useless notes and answers.

Our exceptional tuition teachers will show you the quickest and most efficient way to understand complicated content, so that you can swiftly achieve subject mastery.

Achieve a breakthrough in the subject you are now dreading

Our tutors are approachable and friendly

All because we are expert tuition teachers, it does not mean that our lessons have to be boring.

Many students start lessons with our tuition teachers feeling afraid of the subject, because they are discouraged by their previous experience and feel too overwhelmed (or embarrassed) to approach the subject positively.

Home tutors that are skillful in listening and observing often pick up on what isn’t being said – such as any underlying anxieties that a student may have. 

Indeed, if an educator can truly understand a student, he or she can then target the root causes of the student’s low marks. This  will open the door for the student to readily receive and learn the content that is being taught.

An effective tutor needs to be adaptable. This is because students often have different moods (enthusiastic, desperate, reluctant, friendly) during each of the tuition sessions. The tuition teacher has to adapt the teaching strategy to handle each of these moods, in order to be productive.

If you were to imagine the perfect teacher that you want to be teaching you that difficult content or subject, you’re going to want someone who is very engaging in front of the student.

Our tuition teachers know that it is so important to be observant, patient, flexible, empathetic and to always have a positive attitude.

Don't wait. take your first steps toward an A grade. Today.

is being called "average" an insult?
no. but average grades cannot help you get into popular classes, junior colleges, polytechnic courses, and a good university


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Our qualified tutors have proven success in the subjects that they teach, so they can guide their students using practical and proven ways for them to understand the latest MOE curriculum faster and more effectively.




Qualified tutors from the Learn Fast team can help your child organize their time, prioritize the different assignments and sequence of knowledge, and develop critical thinking and time management skills.


Learn Fast has placed thousands of reliable tutors with students at all academic levels and subjects, across Singapore.


Our experience in knowing what works and what does not ensures that all you need to do is let us know your requirements and preference.


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is being called "average" an insult?
no. but average grades cannot help you get into popular classes, junior colleges, polytechnic courses, and a good university